There are no problems, only solutions. Finding a new purpose for this thing inside my brain. Where to next?

So already, the picture they painted for me was one of little hope, but as you may already have figured, I have faith that life is guiding me. If there is no answer in conventional medicine, then I will find the solution elsewhere!
Never give up, never surrender, unless it is your heart to the one you love.
Initially, my mother’s fiancé had a solution, B17 Metabolic therapy. As his father had cancer and went into remission because of it. It is basically the ingestion of fruit kernels, (the pips of fruit), as they contain high amounts of vital vitamins for the human body. This would also be part of a much more diverse range of vitamins and minerals and natural herbs and super greens. We also realised that maybe this would not be sufficient enough for my case of cancer and it is mightily expensive.
We then found out about intravenous vitamin c doses. This would all be done via an IV drip and fed intravenously into the blood system. But we also realised that as vitamin C contains glucose and were coming to the conclusion that sugar is part of the main causes of cancer that it may even be more dangerous to me than not doing it as I would have had to have had very high doses of vitamins put into my bloodstream, yet again another very costly solution, but not applicable to me. Both these alternative treatments have their merits, and merits they do have. Some of which we can adapt to suit my needs.
So after investigating and investigating, with the help of a very kind and generous acupuncturist and friend who is also a nutritionist. We, (my family and friends), finally arrive at a place with which we are all comfortable with.
The Ketogenic Diet.
The story of how I came to know about this was due to meeting someone who had been in the same position as me. This woman, had the exact same tumour as me, but in the left hemisphere of the brain and of a lesser grade, a Grade 2 Glioma of the left parietal lobe. What is also quite a coincidence is that she was also told by derriford hospital that it was inoperable but also that as it was not yet aggressive, they would have had to wait a whole year for it to become aggressive for them to need to treat it. So you can imagine her thoughts on this, “you want me to wait a year, an agonising and frustratingly long year, for you to start even thinking about caring for my life?”
Well, she immediately asked for all the right documents and scans and went to get a second opinion from a hospital in London, Charing Cross Hospital. They said that they could in fact operate and that they could remove 95% of this tumour? Which is fantastic!!
She also found out about the Ketogenic diet and was doing amazingly well with it.
I then got introduced to another Clinical nutritionist who guided me to a person with the exact same condition as me, in the exact same place. Who had also followed the ketogenic diet, and within a year had gone into remission. WOW! This, to my ears, is marvellous! Is absolutely beautiful news.
What I also found out is that it’s a very strict diet where you cut out sugar, gluten, grains, dairy products and root veg and you mainly eat greens and healthy fats such as coconut oils, avocado oils and so on. You must also cut out most consumption of carbohydrates and protein. So for myself, this means that I need 2000 calories in total a day consisting of: Fat 188 grams (1696 calories), Protein 66 grams (264 calories), Carbohydrates 12 grams (48 calories).
This is a rough guide anyway. But from how it looks, I can imagine you’re thinking, (That’s a harsh regime right there!)
Which it is. I have realised that all the foods I enjoyed, like a nice pasta and sauce or a stodgy pizza or even a nice Sunday roast, it’s all off the menu. Alas, for me, life is more important than what I enjoy from it anymore. Life has become a focus for my heart and soul. No matter that I cannot eat what I want, when I want. No matter what everyone else is eating around me, slurping on a nice milkshake or enjoying a nice refreshing glass of orange juice freshly squeezed or even eating a lavish meal at a fine restaurant!
I am just trying to give you a picture of how it felt for me at first, seeing people eating what I initially desired in the form of foods. It was truly agonising!!
The greatest gift that has been given to me, is the trust that what I am doing, is going to make a difference. The giving up of something, is not a burden to me anymore, it is a freeing of greed, a freeing of my ego and the restraints it had placed around my heart and very soul. It is a way for me to, (even though I see people all over the world, struggling with the small and insignificant things), to not be attached to it, to not invest time, (the ultimate and grand illusion), in being caught up in it all. What need is there for me to want to be like this? In essence, I have been taught the greatest gift.
To let go and forgive and bless all that there is. To know that even though I may transform and leave this form of being, the human being. That I can leave a memory and a gift for all that I love.
I am not defined by fear anymore. I am defined by love.
I know you all love. We all know love.
I am and have always been drawn to love!
I have gone off on a tangent here…
What I feel I am trying to convey, is that I do not fear death. I do not fear losing life. Whatever life has in store for me, I must be grateful for it.
I am choosing to live. I have not given up on living in this plane of existence anymore. So if I must eat bland foods, I will make them exciting. I can always adapt and change food to make it more vibrant and tasty. There is always a way! I have also been given another source of treatment. There is an MS, (multiple sclerosis), clinic in Exeter city that treats cancer patients too. So I will be having a nice amount of pure oxygen pumped into my very pores.
I have looked into the research by the people who discovered the Ketogenic diet, (which was initially designed for people who suffered from seizures and epilepsy), that this diet, in conjunction with Hyperbaric oxygen as it is called, and Liquid 100% MTC oil. Is said to completely shut down the cancer cells and reduces cancer. Obviously, not many people are courageous enough to try this combination without first trying the radiotherapy and chemotherapy. So I am somewhat of a pioneer in this approach. Putting my life on the line so to say.
But fear not friends!
Be by my side every step of the way, give me your love and support and kindness and your ever magical guidance.
We all have wonderful wisdom to share.
So for the past two weeks I have been on this diet, since the 12/10/2014.
I started off shaky at first, because to shut out sugar and all the other processed food sources. My body went into a state of shock. This lasted two days. I felt fatigued and moody and generally just wanted to eat some apples or grapes and basically anything sugary and sweet! Arrrgh! Gimme sugar!! But, as I had previously conquered tobaccos hold on me two or more years prior to finding out I had cancer, it was an easy enough craving to let go of.
On the third day I acquired a Blood glucose and Ketone monitor, with which to measure my glucose levels and to see how I am progressing. Fantastically, I was already doing extremely well. My levels are already in the range of Ketosis, (a state where the body burns fat instead of glucose!)
In the second week of this strict regime, I was at a ratio of 1 in regards to my ketone levels and my glucose levels. Meaning that if my glucose levels are 4.2 and my ketones are 4.3 I am in ketosis. WOohoo!
Now I just need to maintain and refine this diet so that I can stop the tumour from growing.
For as bold as cancer is in invading the body, (or in my case, Brain), if you starve it of the fuel it uses to exist, it doesn’t stand a chance!
Plus, I am remaining positive and faithful.
I feel so much love for all of you for supporting me in this quest for sustaining my life.
I am like you!
I want to grow old, have children and watch them grow. Live with love and light and be happy knowing that I lived in this world, this amazing, profound world!
I am truthfully, infinitely proud to live alongside all of the beauty and joy that we are.
Thank you.
Thank you so very much!
Pablo Isaiah Kelly.

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