The Story Behind The Website…

If only there was someone like Pablo Kelly around to provide answers to our questions in 2014!

In 2014, when pablo was diagnosed, his family did a lot of searching on the internet and went through a massively difficult time of trying to figure out how they could help Pablo to overcome his disease and give him the best life he could have with a Terminal and Inoperable Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain tumour!

Little was known about the Ketogenic Diet for Brain Cancer and what little was known, was hard to find anecdotal evidence of it working well for people and giving them long and happy lives.

Pablo became a pioneer in this, because when it came to the biggest decision of his life, he declined Standard Of Care (SoC) treatments of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy and chose more natural treatments in Ketogenic Diet and Supplementation.
This was because the prognosis for him, (even with Standard of Care treatments), did not seem to be longer than without them. He chose to live his final months expermenting with his own biology by changing his diet.

What was the worst that could happen?
He had chosen to die healthy and happy with the love of his family and no toxic side effects from the Chemotherapy drugs and Radiation therapy.

This is what Pablo has decided to do for others like him, to give them a head start and to provide his insight and long term experience of 8 years of living with and thriving through a Brain Cancer Diagnosis.
The answers he will give you, come from his life experience and it is these that hold the immesurable value of honesty and integrity that can push you to survival mode!