The Concept is working & the Work is Worth It.

There is stability.
There is also fragility in that stability.
This tumour. Is stable. This tumour is also only that, (stable).
It is good enough for now. It will do. It is also not the finite point of my quest for healing. There is more to overcome and much greater ways of rejuvenating the cells within my brain.
There is no room for doubt about the way I am subduing the tumour. There is only what lies ahead of me. The list of supplements I am taking has doubled. Thankfully, they are all completely necessary for my own personal growth and healing. Does anyone know of a shrub called Berberis? Well, there is a supplement derived from this shrub that reduces glucose levels in the blood, thus reducing the growth factor of the cancer cells as it takes sugar out of the body.
We have also found out that if there is a large amount of copper mineral in the body, then this can be an indication of inflammation and tumour growth. Copper is hard to break down within the body’s cells and therefore can just build up and build up. The antigen to this can be Zinc & Iron. So I will soon be reducing these levels with a supplement that has both as my levels were above the normal.
The team of people who have been helping me & supporting my every day are astounding people. Seriously! Without you, I would be struggling a lot more than I am. The only things I have to do are to eat and consume fats. Take supplements and repeat. 3 times a day. Oh, that and lots of rest… rest… rest…!
Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Sounds like a lovely way to live. By all means, it really is, but there is a catch. It is for a reason, not just because I want to. Which funnily enough, I don’t. I want to lead a life of normality. A life of doing and accomplishing things that I would never have dreamed of. In my own way I feel that I am. I have managed to, with all of your loving and kind help. Achieved a stable tumour that, unbeknownst to us all, was not achievable… Not through conventional means.
I am still utilising the system as a way to measure the tumours activity inside the brain but I am also one of the only people I have made contact with who has not had any form of conventional Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy or even surgery. I just simply have routine scans… I have evidence of this from my nutritional advisor who is personally astounded by my progress!
In actuality, as far as I am aware. I am the only person in this country who is not doing anything other than diet and supplementation…?! The results are fact. The results show that this is a plausible way of stopping and controlling tumour growth.
I have had some encouragement from family and friends to maybe consider writing a book to help guide and shape the future of integrative medicine in healing cancer. I am not an expert but I do know and comprehend what is happening inside my body, metabolically. If I can seriously, mentally and systematically help people in the same predicament as myself, come through their own journey without the suffering and sickness of radiation therapy, I consider that a blessing! I know that it is one of the only known ways to approach “terminal” cancers, but I also know that the survival rate is significantly low. That is not healing, it is a prolonging of “illness” and “suffering”. That is a sadness, to see that life is thought of as nothing more than an experimentation. Ignorance is a blissful idea. In terms of the realities though, it does not suffice.
In the ultimate totality of all of our experiences of Cancer. There is always a unique and different way of approaching your own experiences. We all have two choices. Life, Death.
The reality of cancer is, you receive your diagnosis, then your prognosis of how long you may live and then you either act right away out of fear or you embrace it and love the life you lead and you find a way, no matter what the cost or the struggle…!
As always, I hope you are all well and happy and living life to the best of your ability.
Much Peace and Love to you all.
Your ever present friend,
Pabs, A.K.A. (Pablo). 😉

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