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5 March 2022

I have not contacted Pablo nor I have a related disease yet as far as I know. I am just a reader and a believer that health should be prioritised above economy and be looked at something sacred and not included in the financial system for profit purposes.

The truth always wins at the end. I wish all the energy in the world because your story needs to be heard.

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Pablo is a brave young man with a positive outlook to life

3 December 2021

I contacted Pablo after being diagnosed with a low grade glioma, and we had a very pleasant — and, to me, inspiring — conversation. I particularly appreciate his comprehensive approach for dealing with (and preventing) seizures (breathing technics, contact with the ground/soil, etc.). We also talked extensively about our experiences in managing the psychological burden that comes with a brain cancer diagnosis, and Pablo was very supportive in this regard. To sum up, the chat was full of insights and very inspiring!

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Q&A with Pablo

17 September 2021

I reached out to Pablo because of his strategy for combatting his Glioblastoma. My boyfriend, Justin, was recently diagnosed with grade 4 Glioblastoma and has also rejected SOC. I felt that meeting Pablo would help give Justin the confidence and hope to continue with his decision to follow a ketogenic life style. Pablo was great! He answered every question we had and gave us much insight to his own experience. We are very appreciative of Pablo and his ability to continue to give people hope. Prayers to everyone seeking help, hope and knowledge.

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