Oncology Department, Derriford Hospital, 27th May 2015.

Becky & I saw the oncologist today at precisely 1pm to discuss the growth of the tumour in my brain. Well, when I say precisely 1pm, more like quarter past 1. It was brief but indeed informative. The tumour has shown slight growth, around 2 centimeters since august 2014. Over a period of 9 months. This tumour “should” be getting fairly big by now. I was told that it is not a significant growth, so therefore am very glad I have not been sitting around idly twiddling my thumbs. The Keto diet has significantly reduced its growth factor. The supplements are also doing their jobs.

Tumours of the grade 4 variety are fickle cells. Fortunately for me, it will not spread to my vital organs at all. The Keppra, (the drug that suppresses the seizures), do not alter tumour growth so in reducing it safely I can now breathe easy and feel less agitated and maniacal… !

Have just had a range of important blood tests taken and am awaiting the results so we can figure out what deficiencies I have within my body that we can tweak and adjust the supplements to accommodate.

Sort it out! Figure out all the angles. be it CBD oil, new supplements, Mineral baths, Who knows. Never give up, never surrender!

(Below are comparisons of my august 2014 scan (On right) and the April 2015 scan (On left).

Right scan image is from August 2014, Left scan image is from April 2015.
Right scan image is from August 2014, Left scan image is from April 2015.

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Hello, my is Monica, I have a sister, who is 40 years old, she has IDH-WILDTIPE (IV type). She had a surgery in September and they took the tumor but she got ir back, she can’t move her left arm and leg. The only solution that doctor gave to her is qimio, but only to make her life longer, but she has no solution. But she doesn’t want to. We knew about your case and it gave us hope. I would love if you can give us some information if is possible on how to keep going to try to help her.
Thank you so much, have a lovely day.

Hello Pablo,
I just saw the festival event facebook page (and joined) and I am here just to pass some information on. I am not a doctor. I hope it helps.
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Tommy 🙂
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