Just some ponderance..

Some days I feel like I am completely healthy, I know I am. But, there are those days when I feel that something is amiss.
This something, is a sensation, a feeling I can not put my finger on. Nor figure out, nor understand.
I just know that it needs not be investigated further, that should I invest time in trying to force an answer from my body and make a preconceived notion of what is occurring. Only then would I start to doubt my self.
There are some spiritual practices and some medical practices that suggest that to feel love for the illness you are facing, that so called dis-ease, that you can change the way in which your cells respond to the disease.
So by focusing on the negatives, you respond negatively and become more ill within yourself. But, to focus positively upon the illness, you can manifest healing on a cellular level. In a positive way.
I may sound like a philosophical pondering dimwit to some, but this is how I feel, Look at the film Patch Adams, (With the late Robin Williams)! A laugh can heal in more ways than one, Feel joy and laughter and love and we all feel better, do we not?!
Pablo Isaiah Kelly.

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