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This experience with cancer can break you if you let it. I am here to help you change that!

Pablo Kelly

My name Pablo Isaiah Kelly, a 8-year survivor of a terminal brain tumour. I have knowledge of alternative methods of dealing with a brain cancer diagnosis. I have first-hand experience of the ups and downs of a brain cancer diagnosis and will provide insight into the feelings and coping mechanisms needed to deal with it.

This is a personal Zoom consultation with me where we will talk about possible scenarios that can be influenced and changed for you, based on my 7 years experience & survival of a Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Cancer diagnosis since 2014 without Standard of Care.

Cost of each 40 minute session is £110.00 payable in advance.

(if you are unable to afford this fee, I may be able to arrange a reduction as I understand how difficult and trying these times can be! When I was diagnosed and had to pay for consultations, there was little to no hope of getting financial help…)

I am not a medical practitioner & I use my own anecdotal evidence which you can use to come to your own decisions and enhance your journey through Brain Cancer.


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