Be Full of Presence this Christmas…

Christmas, a time of reflection and love. A sharing of unity in all things. A parting of gifts to receive the gifts of those you love dearly. We are all great & gifted beings.
I am especially thankful to all those who have supported me through these hard times of cancer and its rite of passage upon my otherwise healthy life.

The greatest gift I have had is to have lived through another year and to have come to peace with it all. I was a bit of a “bah humbug” before, but I am realising the true value of what Christmas is and what it means to me personally. Christmas is a time of spirit, and not the alcohol type of spirit. The joyous and uplifting kind of spirit. The infectious and unifying kind. A time when we can all forgive one another and forget about what the past held us to and what the future aspires to bring to us, it is about “presence” in and of those things that truly matter. Family, friendship and solidarity in all the beauty in this wondrous universe.

I have born witness to those things that shatter a family and I am bearing witness to my own form of shattering but alas, that does not break me, those pieces of me that have fallen apart are being pieced together into a whole, complete and different pattern.

Upon this day. On Christmas Eve, I say unto you, blessed are those that you choose not to forgive for their misdeeds; even more so than that; blessed are those who cannot bare to forgive themselves for their own. None of us are wrong, nor are we right. These are just ideas that are long since passed into the unknown expanse of what has come before and what will come again. What is needed is a knowing that next time it shall pass by in a lighter way, a healthier way.

I am truly blessed to have been forgiven for my past and to have found the courage to forgive myself and turn a new leaf. Like the mighty oak tree, always growing, always renewing itself and using the past as a way to reach new heights.

Tomorrow, Christmas day. A day to enjoy and be light and merry on. I say to you all. Feel the joy that courses through you and feel the love I bestow upon you on the morrow, Christmas day. I shall be blessing you all for your continued longevity, I pray for my own, but what will be, will always be.

Have a happy, gifted and merry Christmas all.

Respect and cherish your life.
That is all I feel I have to say on this matter.
Peace and goodwill.
Let us not forget “LOVE”.
Loads and loads of LOVE to you too.

Your sincere and grateful friend,
Pablo Isaiah Kelly.

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