A very positive and uplifting day today.

I had my MRI scan on saturday. This monday, I rang the hospital to enquire as to when the results were to be expected.

This morning I receive a call from the specialist nurse informing me that my oncologist has had a look at my scans and is happy to say that the Tumour “IS” Stable. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Do you know what this means? It means that there is no significant change in the size of my tumour and no nasty spreading of the tumour to other organs. It quite simply and truthfully means, that, ALL of the things I have been doing, ARE working! The fundraising for the supplements that I needed in order to make the Ketogenic Diet work, have worked towards subduing and controlling the “MOST AGGRESSIVE” form of brain tumour. My Glioblastoma Grade 4 is not doing anything nor going anywhere.

I am quite proud to say that my integrity to stick to what I felt I needed to do in order to find my way through this “dis-ease”, is successful. It has been the most focussed and disciplined thing I feel I have ever had to do and it has, for sure, not been easy!

The trust and help from my family and friends has indeed been the most powerful form of support. I feel that without all the support and love from “YOU” which has been given in abundance. I would not be as stable and full of love as I am right this moment, with a side order of HEALTHY!

I have yet to see the scans and to compare them to my previous scans. I shall be ordering a copy so that I can put them on this blog for you all to see the difference for yourselves.

I am not out of the shroud that is cancer as of yet, but, with more help, support, kindness and caring. I feel that there is no limit to what we can accomplish here.

As a side note. Through communicating with the american team called Nutritional solutions, we now have an extensive and expensive list of new supplements to order to continue to bombard and turn back the tide of this “malignant tumour”.

My loving mother has reviewed the cost of all the supplements from different sources and I believe the round figure for all of it will be close to £1000. This is for 3 months worth of supplements. Quite a substantial figure, (but 100% worth every penny).

Rebecca Gruitt is planning another coffee and cake morning in order to try and raise some more funds.
We are also in the planning stages of organising a big music and entertainment event hopefully within the next couple of months.

The £6000 we managed to raise is now looking a lot closer to £4000 and will soon be down to £3000. The financial cost of all the treatments I do every week is a constant wallet breaker. Acupuncture 2x a week costs £25 per session, Cranio-sacral Osteopathy 1x a week costs £30 per session. I do this every week for a month. Thats £320 a week.

On another side note. My Sister and her husband as well as my uncle and a couple of friends are doing the Rock Solid Race on the 22nd march to help raise some money too. They’re all mental but willing to destroy themselves physically to help me on my journey. (NUTTERS)!! Lots of positivity and it sure is working.

Blessings to all and many many gratuitous thanks!

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