A Seizure.

Predominantly a scary occurrence!

I can say that I have them very rarely now, but then I can also say that they have been happening frequently of late. More frequently… Twice in two days now…

I have noticed, however, that they happen when I have trapped wind or constipation due to the supplements, (sorry to be so graphic). They also happen to occur due to the volume of supplements and fats I am ingesting.

It is interesting, yet probably, for me, quite terrifying, (well it actually is), but I am not sure wether its just a mindless fear or a possibility of tumour growth. How can one know? There is another possible cause… That I am exerting myself too much. For example, on Saturday 21st March I went to support the Pablo’s Warriors at the Rock Solid Race and was standing around for a long time. I find it saddening to say, but I have spent the last 5 days recovering from that. I felt like I was the one who had run 10km!…

I honestly feel pathetic.

I do not know what other brain tumour patients feel like… I guess we are all different in our experiences?

I have my next scan on the 14th April 2015. I shall also, hopefully, have my last scans from January 24th within the next week as a comparison to my first scans from my diagnosis in august 2014.

I feel impatient for the next month to arrive so that I can get the scan done and then have an idea of what’s appearing within my brain. I could attach to my fear, I could! I won’t though…

I will not allow some minor seizures to alter my positivity and fearless approach to this “terminal” Cancer…!

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